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Reasons for the lack of Taiyuan search engine portal analysis websites

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Any SEO optimizer will experience a sudden decrease in site inclusion when optimizing the Taiyuan website. If you do n’t pay attention to this problem, then the problem of reducing the site inclusion is not the next issue. The site waiting for you will be the site inclusion as 0 or even the entire website is k! So how do we check our website when there is a decrease in inclusion, and how do we solve it? The following Taiyuan Network Library will talk to you about the main reasons and solutions for the decrease in website inclusion: .Site visit time is too slow

易站通 排名 的时候都会遇到网站收录突然减少的情况,如果你不重视这个问题,那么接下来就不是网站收录减少的问题了,等待你的将会是网站收录为0甚至于整个网站被k!那么当出现收录减少的时候我们该如何检查自己的网站,而又如何解决呢?下面太原网库就和大家好好聊聊网站收录减少的主要原因及解决方法: Any SEO optimizer will experience a sudden decrease in site inclusion when performing EasyStop rankings . If you do n’t pay attention to this problem, then the issue of reducing site inclusion is not the next issue. The site waiting for you will be the site inclusion. 0 or even the entire site is k! So how do we check our site when there is a decrease in inclusion, and how do we solve it? The following Taiyuan Network Library will talk to you about the main reasons and solutions for the decrease in the inclusion of the site:

1. Website visit time is too slow

The opening speed of a good website space should be within 5 seconds. When it is greater than 5 seconds, it is not only unfriendly to the search engine, you will also seriously affect the user experience. This is not tolerated by Baidu. If your website is long At this time, when the user clicks the website, the website will no longer be visited and the website will not be crawled by Baidu. At the same time, Baidu spider will not go to the crawling website again, because your access speed will affect the spider's work efficiency, so the search engine will not include Your website, because your website is a website that no one opens, the solution is to change a space immediately, the access speed must be good, this is also a basic premise for SEO optimization!

网站收录减少或者不多的另一个原因是新站刚建立不久 2. Another reason why the number of sites included in the Yizhantong ranking is reduced or not much is that the new site has just been established

For a new site, whether it is Google or Baidu, there will be a so-called survey period, which is what we call a sandbox period. During this time, search engines may not include your website, and after this time, it will start to include you. Website, this period is about one to three months, there is no problem if you keep updating in this short time, because there is another possibility during this time is that the search engine has searched the content of your website but just did not release it So you just have to wait. The solution is to keep the content of the website up to date and wait slowly. This process is experienced by every webmaster.

3. The weight of the website is too low.

Too few websites have a more or less relationship with the weight of the website. When the weight of the website is too low in SEO optimization, it will lead to misjudgment. For example, when some high-ranking websites reprint your website, they will be search engines. After discovering and collecting it, he will mistakenly think that you reprinted the content of the high-weight website and then deleted your page. This is very hard. The low weight of the website is mainly related to the number of external links on the website. Increasing the weight requires you to appropriately increase the number of external links. Note that the increase I mean is not to publish external links in the forum. I am talking about sending high-quality external links on some high-weight websites, and then drive Increase the weight of the website, thereby increasing the number of sites included!

4. 网站改版或者是网页被修改也会导致收录减少 The revision of the Yizhantong ranking website or the modification of the webpage will also lead to a decrease in inclusion.

The random modification of the website is also very detrimental to the indexing, which is also disliked by search engines. This situation often occurs in the hands of novice webmasters. Novices who have just learned SEO are hard to notice these problems, so the solution is very simple. That is, before the website SEO optimization is completed, try not to open the website, or modify it slightly.

5. Website content repetitiveness is too high or collection stations

Search engines have always taken a crackdown on collection sites. When a website collects a large number of other website content, the same content as a large number of web pages in the search engine database appears, and these content will be considered by the search engine to have no value for inclusion. Content, so even if your site is included at the time, he will delete it in the next update, so do n’t be lucky, this is the reason why the site ’s inclusion is reduced, do n’t go to the random collection, the most stupid way is you to If you look at pseudo-original, the solution is to create more original content, or deep pseudo-original, then you can increase your website's inclusion.

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6. Website internal links are too poor

The internal link of the website plays an important role in SEO optimization. A good website will use the internal link to rationally intersperse the website content, and the entire website will form a network as a whole. This will not only help improve the crawling efficiency of the spider but also improve the website. At the same time, a good internal link can pass the weight of the website well. This is why many websites use internal links as an important optimization project, so a website with a poor internal link is not good for indexing and spider crawling. , Which also leads to the reason why the website's indexing can not be improved. When such a phenomenon occurs, the webmaster should reasonably arrange the internal links of the website, such as adding highly relevant articles in related reading. Important words are given to the link. Note that the anchor text of the website should not use the same text, otherwise it will be considered cheating.

7. The existence of a large amount of JS code in the website code is also a reason for the lack of website inclusion

If there is a large amount of JS code in a web page, the website code will be bloated. When the spider comes to crawl the website, it will reduce its crawling efficiency. Once the spider finds such a situation, the search engine will reduce the number of spider crawls or not crawl. This directly leads to a decrease in the inclusion of the website, so the solution to this situation is to reduce the JS code of the website, or move the JS code to the bottom of the website or this is directly packaged and called. This has no impact on the use of JS. But it has improved the crawling efficiency of spiders and increased the inclusion of websites!

8. 中网站有大量的图片也会影响网站的收录 There are a lot of pictures on the website in the Yizhantong ranking .

When a website has a large number of pictures, and these pictures are uncompressed, it will also affect the loading time of the website and reduce the site's inclusion. The processing of pictures, including compressing pictures and adding ALT descriptions, is also a necessary foundation for SEO optimization! The solution is to process and compress large pictures, add ALT description, and try not to use pictures without pictures!

9. Reasons for the search engine itself

It is also common for search engines to reduce their indexing. Common changes are algorithm changes, or search engine failures. These can lead to a decrease in the indexing of websites, and ordinary people have no way to solve this problem. Yes, all we can do is wait and look forward to the restoration of the website.

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