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company culture

Taiyuan Fuku Corporate Culture

Our vision is: to become the leading Internet marketing service company in China

Our mission is to help small and medium enterprises make online B2B business, work for more enterprises to go global, and fight for the strength of the motherland.

Our core values are: win-win, cooperation, responsibility, innovation, gratitude

Our spirit is: sincerity, righteousness, righteousness

The heart is upright, the state is self-exalted, the mind is wide, the distraction is self-defeating, and the greed is self-destructing, so as to be right and act right.

Our four positions:

First: The national position will never do anything that harms the national interest, and draw a line between all those who harm the national interest

Second: the client's position will never do things that are sorry to the customer, and draw a line with everyone who harms the interests of the customer

Third: the company's position will never do things that harm the company's interests, and draw a line with all those who harm the company's interests

Fourth: the position of doing big things never say a frustrating word, we entrust our soul to big things

Our five core principles:

Everything is based on the principle of solving problems with development

Everything is based on the principle of achieving win-win for others

Everything is based on the implementation of the company system

Everything is based on the principle of not disseminating customers, colleagues, and the company.

Everything is done in the right way

15 core concepts:

Entrepreneurship concept: When the spirit is not at the right time, continuous struggle is the hero

Business philosophy: create value for customers and realize dreams for employees

Sales Philosophy: Don't be trapped by love and desire, everything is sold for love

Service concept: Strictly observe customer value and serve with love

Wealth concept: Money is something outside of one's body, growth is the first wealth of life

Emotional concept: Competent people don't care about their emotions, they only do things seriously; incompetent people don't take their minds seriously, they only care about their emotions.

Growth philosophy: Those who make me miserable will make me strong, all pain is the fertilizer for life growth

The philosophy of being a person: pouring money is enough to gather people, enough breadth is enough to get people, first is enough to lead people, and self-discipline is enough to convince others

Concept of doing things: just find a way for success, no excuses for failure

Salary concept: If you get results, you get paid, if you do n’t get results, it is a shame

Promotion concept: create results, train talents, be promoted

Achievement concept: Born to conquer, without any reason, to be the first

Learning concept: The current teacher is Supreme Master, and the hero must be in fear

Progress concept: the best performance today is the minimum requirement tomorrow

Survival philosophy: survival of the fittest, not the strong eliminate the weak, and the weak will eliminate the strong

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