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Company Profile

Taiyuan Fuku Interactive Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in August 2013, focusing on providing one-stop online sales planning, online sales training, internet consulting services, website construction, whole network promotion, project operation, project incubation and other e-commerce for enterprises solution. Committed to serving the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, helping companies to increase their brand influence on the Internet and achieve sustained profitability of corporate sales.

Our vision is : to become the leading Internet marketing service company in China

Our mission is to help small and medium enterprises make online B2B business, work for more enterprises to go global, and fight for the strength of the motherland!

Our core values are : win-win, cooperation, responsibility, innovation, gratitude

Our spirit is : sincerity, righteousness, righteousness

In 2014, the company cooperated with Tianzhu.com to become one of the local service providers in more than 200 cities across the country. There are more than 5,000 professional e-commerce customer service representatives, which the industry calls "Tianzhu Department." The Tianzhu.com platform has accumulated more than 2 million registered corporate users and over 100,000 VIP paid corporate users on the Internet. It has built the nation ’s first well-known B2B platform consortium and has become a contributor to nearly 30 cooperative platform members, traffic and revenue. Tianzhu.com's "number of paid members, member revenue, national coverage of local service providers, user service quality standard construction system" and other indicators rank high in the domestic B2B industry.

In recent years, Tianzhu.com has successfully transformed into an Internet + integrated service provider for SMEs, integratedly built a new ecology for the B2B industry, innovated the concept of Internet ecological integrated marketing, and innovated and implemented a new model of SME industrial e-commerce O2O city service center. , Marketing and talent "four dimensions to provide in-depth O2O services, has been highly recognized by local governments, competent authorities and SMEs.

The company currently launches a full-network marketing system covering the homepages of eight search engines including Baidu, 360, SOUGOU, and Soso. It has a large number of keywords and a fast ranking. It is not only ranked in Baidu and 360, but also has a large number of displacements on the first and third pages of the eight major search engines, helping companies to make online B2B business. Achieving customers is a prerequisite for our success. We exclusively launch a service model in the industry that uses first, and then pays for results!

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