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The era of mobile websites is coming

56% of mobile Internet users go online for more than an hour a day, 78% go online more than once a day, and 3G and 4G networks have become popular

Mobile websites are opening faster and faster, and there are fewer and fewer obstacles.

Why do companies need mobile websites?

Ordinary websites can be opened on mobile phones, why do we need to build another mobile website?

Slow loading

Web pages load slowly and waste money


The entire page is compressed and everything is unclear to browse and read

Large flow

The PC version of the image is large in size, and the page is large and occupies a lot of traffic.

Small font

The PC version of the webpage has a small font size after zooming on the phone, which is hard to read.

Do you dare to imagine how customers look at your website on their mobile phones? Pick up your phone right away and try to open your website!
What kind of mobile website do companies need?
4 / A

的营销型手机网站 More sellable marketing mobile website

Marketing website is the benchmark in the industry, perfectly integrating marketing ideas into mobile website pages

4 / B

的手机网站 Design more beautiful and interactive mobile websites

Aiming at mobile phone size, Jingwang ’s strong website design team, more humane design and layout, and the best UI design experience

4 / C

的手机网站平台 The best mobile website platform for optimization

Site-wide custom SEO, site-wide static pages, site-wide pages display custom, ubiquitous marketing probes and online customer service

4 / D

热门公众平台的手机网站 Seamlessly connect with mobile websites of popular public platforms

Integrate the current most popular Weibo, WeChat and other public platform functions, smart online maps, rides, instant calls, emails

In addition to the mobile website as a good face for enterprises on the mobile Internet

What else is good

Publicity anytime, anywhere

Some customers have already started doing business anytime, anywhere on the mobile phone network that they carry with them. Would you like to lose the huge market of 500 million?

Facilitate customer communication

The mobile website interactive functions are more diversified and user-friendly. Multiple contact methods let customers choose, and the chance of inquiry is higher!

Combining interactive promotion

Mobile websites can be better combined with Weibo and WeChat to promote mobile communities + mobile websites = the best user experience, directly affecting user transactions!

Preempt search rankings

The search engine will give priority to the mobile version of the website on the mobile phone. If there is no mobile website, your business has been seized by others!

Compatible with mobile terminal

No need to download cross-platform for mobile website, any mobile phone system and tablet system are supported, and compatibility is stronger!

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