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Foreign trade express advantage
  • Google is the world's largest search engine, with nearly 200 million searches per day, and more than 95% of buyers worldwide use Google to find product suppliers. The foreign trade express allows users to have a large amount of product information on the homepage of Google's multiple language stations. Time allows companies to obtain inquiries from global buyers, allowing your products to cover every corner of the globe.

    Covers 95% of global buyers
  • Foreign trade express products are developed based on Siyiou's more than 10 years of foreign trade marketing technology experience and perfect advanced SEO technology system. The foreign trade express promises to ensure the global homepage ranking of 50 to 1,000 product keywords google.com of the company, and comprehensively increase the company's exposure in the global market.

    Seize Google Home
  • The foreign trade express analyzes the different search habits of global buyers, helps companies design hundreds of thousands of accurate long-tail keywords, and recommends many related keywords. It uses advanced SEO technology system to optimize to the google homepage, and comprehensively locks each buyer ’s Different needs.

    Pinpoint global target customers
  • The foreign trade express station building system supports 50 different language versions. Each language version of the website corresponds to the SEO of the corresponding language station of the google search engine to achieve localized promotion of user products and services. In addition to the google search engine in different languages, the foreign trade express will also optimize and popularize mainstream search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Aol, Ask, Yandex, and maximize the benefits.

    Multilingual, multi-search engine, multi-localization coverage
  • Not only search engine optimization, foreign trade express is a multi-channel network marketing system. Users use the foreign trade express's business software marketing system to quickly achieve large-scale commercial information dissemination and obtain more effective exposure and inquiry.

    Multi-channel Internet Marketing
  • Forex Express is equipped with a PC and a mobile website in the corresponding languages for both users. The two websites are optimized and managed on the same platform. It comprehensively covers the user's work scene, and also comprehensively covers the search behavior and habits of buyers on the PC and mobile terminals.

    Multi-scene coverage
Do Google Bids? Foreign trade express has more advantages than Google Adwords?
Advertise on Google's top companies
Regardless of your budget, you can show ads on Google and our advertising network. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Comparison of foreign trade express and Google bid

Compared with B2B platform, what are the advantages of foreign trade express?
Search Direct
Hundreds of keywords on the official website of foreign trade express customers are likely to get better rankings on Google than traditional B2B sites such as Alibaba. And Alibaba's customer homepage cannot get rankings on Google.com. Ads can be displayed whenever a foreign customer searches for a supplier.
Get on your feet first
The direct search customers of foreign trade express get traffic, which is on an equal footing with the way of obtaining traffic of Alibaba and China Manufacturing Network. Customers of foreign trade express can get in touch with buyers before international buyers enter the B2B platform!
The effect is better, and the input-output ratio is higher!
Since the customers of Siyiou Express avoided the group inquiry, and the same order was competed by many suppliers, the inquiry obtained was often of high quality and better profit, so the international promotion effect of Siyiou Express was more effective. Well, the input-output ratio is also higher.
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